Gray White Bridal Shower Cake

 It is Saturday morning, I just took these photos, getting ready to leave and transport this 12 inch “beast” to the location, only 30 minutes away, but I’m still dreading it. It is always so stressful when you are traveling with the cake.
Yesterday when I did my crumb coat on it, I just put it in the fridge and our power went out, yeah I think we actually jinxed it, we just talked about it night before at the dinner and there you have it! We need to stop doing that! All I could do is pray that it would be back on soon. This happened at 7pm, so knowing I’d be up late I went to take a nap, just for an hour, and just as I woke up power came back on. What a relieve, let me tell you and I still had to make another batch of buttercream to ice the cake.
I’m sure you get the idea, I was up late, plus I had to finish up some other work that was due this morning, so 3am it was for me. 
As for the cake,  customer sent me this picture of the invitation and I was to make the cake to match the invitation, requested color was gray with a of purple sheen. I brushed purple luster  on the gumpaste bow and fondant borders to  achieve it, I sure hope they like it, or better love it.
Originally I wanted to use fondant pearls but decided to use buttercream pearl border instead.
I like tall cakes and this cake is no different, it is 12 inch high, 9 inch and 6 inch.

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