Easy Valentine’s Day Balloon Cookies

With only a few days before Valentine’s Day here is a simple cookie idea for you to try.

To make  these cookies you need:

Lemon Royal Icing

Balloon cookie cutter-  from The Cookie Cutter Company
Red(10 second icing), Black(outline toothpaste consistency) and Pink Food Coloring(10 second icing)
Cookie Sticks
Black food pen
Painter’s brush
    • Bake the cookies with the stick inside.
    • Make a black outline and let it dry slightly before flooding the area with white icing.
    • Immediately followed with using a red and
      pink icing, pipe small circles directly onto the white icing.
    • Using a toothpick or a metal pin, pull the circles towards
      you, creating  heart shapes.
    • Let the icing dry.
    • Use a food pen and write a message onto the
      cookie to create a guide,  then
      using  black royal icing pipe over the guide. Immediately dip small painter’s brush into the disco dust and sparingly apply disco dust onto the black writing. Let dry.

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