Haniela's: ~10 Second Rule for Flood Royal Icing Consistency~ {Video Tutorial }

~10 Second Rule for Flood Royal Icing Consistency~ {Video Tutorial }

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I decided to make a little video tutorial about 10 Second Rule for making a Flood Royal Icing Consistency. In Cookie Decorating World flood consistency is very important when  flooding cookies with  icing. Too runny or too thick icing will result in a messy finish.

Today I decided to bring you a little video tutorial about the
FAMOUS 10 SECOND RULE when making flood royal icing consistency.

I think  I've tried it all, different counts  from 7 seconds, 8, and most days I use 9 by preferably 10 seconds. I find 10 seconds will deliver the best consistency for flooding and I do believe that the flood icing consistency has a lot to do with how your icing dries as well. I also dry my cookies under the fan, ever since I started doing this I can see a big improvement in appearance of  dried icing.

I also follow10 Second rule  when making flood icing for royal icing transfers like Royal Icing Butterflies

Hope you enjoyed my little video and have fun decorating.

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  1. Icing consistency IS indeed key to beautiful COOKIES... Yours are amazing, Hani! Love them!!!

  2. I like that tiny timer you impose over your video for the 10 sec count!! Can i say again that your cookies are gorgeous! Hope more is on the way for me to admire. :D

  3. Hi Haniela! What types of bags do you use for piping?!