Easter Bunny Napkins

Aren’t Bunny Napkins the cutest? They look so cute as part of the festive tablescape. Have you tried folding one? Can you never get it right? I’m here to help with my DIY step-by-step bunny napkin folding tutorial.

Folded yellow and green napkins into bunnies.

updated post from 2011



To make adorable bunny napkins, use a square napkin. Today I’m using paper napkins to make bunny napkins. You can also use fabric ones. Just make sure you starch them before. Personally, I think paper napkins are less fuss to use than fabric ones.

It’s better to use large napkins than smaller ones. I used napkins from IKEA; fully opened, they are 40×40 cm (about 16×16 inches).

Pink, yellow and blue napkins packages.

Bunny Napkin Fold

Take one large napkin out of the packaging. Open the napkin. Fold a fully open napkin facing the loose ends away from you (steps 1-4). Fold the napkin in half, and loose ends should be facing away from you (steps 5-8).

Hands folding the napkin in half.

Find a middle (see dashed line), and fold the right side vertically on a dashed line 1-3). Repeat on the left side (steps 4-6). Press the folded lines down.

Folding a paper napkin.

Take the right bottom corner and fold it up on a diagonal dashed line. Press the fold down (steps 1-3). Repeat on the left side (steps 4-6).

Blue napkin folded with two hands.

Now take the right corner and fold it to the centerline. Press the fold-down firmly (steps 1-4). Repeat on the left side (step 5). Now turn the whole folden napkin (step 6).

Folding a blue napkin.

Fold the top corner down on a dashed line, and press down firmly (steps 1-4). Turn the folded napkin over vertically (steps 4-6).

Hands folding a blue napkin.

Here comes the tricky part of the bunny napkin folding technique. First, acknowledge the right bottom corner (step 1). And then, on the left side, on the underside, find what should look like a little “pocket” (step 2). Tuck the right corner into the pocket. Press the connection firmly (steps 3-4). Gently open up the rounded base. Carefully widen the ears. (steps 5-6).

Tucking one end of the napkin under another to make a bunny,.

Wouldn’t they look great alongside my Gingham Bunny Cookies?

Pink and blue bunny napkins lined up against a white background.

This post was originally published on March 24th 2011. On April 11th, 2022 I updated this post with new step-by-step photos and written text.

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  1. Yes I have you booked-marked for Easter! My youngest will love doing these as he loves puzzles. Thanks for sharing this!

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