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Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a last minute Valentine’s day Dessert? How about these adorable Whoopie Pies.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE WHOOPIE PIES (appr. 18 whoopie pies if using whoopie pie pan, depends on the size)
2cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2tsp salt
1 1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips, melted cooled to room temperature
1tsp vanilla extract
1cup buttermilk (don’t have buttermilk? Add 1tsp vinegar or lemon juice to 1cup milk, let sit 5 minutes, sir)
1 stick butter(1/2cup) at room temperature
1/2cup brown sugar
1/2 granulates sugar
1 egg
1 egg yolk (reserve egg white for the pattern batter)
Sift/stir flour cocoa powder, salt, baking soda. Set aside.
Melt chocolate, let cool to room temperature.
Whisk together 1egg and 1egg yolk.
Stir buttermilk and vanilla extract, set aside.
Beat butter and sugars, until creamy, gradually add eggs.
Gradually, alternating beat in flour and buttermilk mixture.
Fill the piping bag with the batter. Pipe the mount onto the whoopee pie pan sprayed with non-stick spray.
Using back of the spoon and some water, smooth out the tops.
Using pattern batter, pipe “love” on 6 of the whoopie pie halves.
Bake at 350F, 10- 13 minutes.
Let cool for a minute or two in the pan, transfer onto the cooling rack, and let cool completely before filling.
Pattern Batter Recipe
1egg white
1/4cup powdered sugar
1/3cup all purpose flour
pinch of salt
1/4tsp vanilla extract(optional)
1/2tbl water, to thin the batter a little so it is easier to pipeBeat egg white with a pinch of salt in a clean bowl, until foamy, gradually add powdered sugar. Gradually fold in the flour. Sift the flour over meringue. Fold in water and vanilla. Fill the piping bag with the batter. Set aside.

Mascarpone Filling
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
1cup mascarpone
1 to 1 1/2cup powdered sugar, add more if desired
1tp vanilla extract
Pink food coloring
Raspberry seedless jam
Beat heavy cream until foamy, gradually add powdered sugar, beat until stiff peaks are formed.
Stir mascarpone cheese, add pink food coloring.
Gradually fold in whipped cream, fold in vanilla. Ad more powdered sugar as desired.
Fill the piping bag fitted with large star tip.
Spread raspberry jam on the whoopie pie half, then pipe a pretty flat swirl on top of the raspberry layer. Top with the top “love” whoopie pie half.
These can be made several days ahead, stored in the fridge.

Package whoopie pies in pretty box.

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