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Snowboarding Snowman

Few weeks back my blogging friend Georganne from LilaLoa was hosting a Virtual Snowman Party. For the party I  decide to make an Snowboarding Snowman. 😉 In case you haven’t seen it before here she is, in all her glory.

I named my Snowman Johanka,  I’ve been video skyping with my SIL and her 8months old baby Johanka and every time I show her my snowman she stops blinking, her eyes motionless and starts laughing and smiling and wants to touch the monitor,  cutest thing. I love her.


  • Prepare cookie dough and royal icing, color royal icing with desired colors, fill piping bags with outline consistency and flood consisteny icing for each color using
  • Make a template for snowboard and snowman(it is not entirely necessary if you have a proper size cookie cutter for snowman, I have either small or large cutter so I decided to make a template that would work for my project, )
  • I cut my cookie slightly larger then my template, once baked and cooled, I used yellow food coloring pen and outlined my template directly onto the cookie-see yellow lines
  • I  piped outlines on Snowman and Snowboard
  • Flood both cookies with royal icing, let dry completely
  • Using Food Coloring Pens add details onto the snowman cookie
  • Attach snowman to the snowboard using a medium to stiff consistency royal icing
  • Support snowman from several sides and let dry for several hours until he stands on his own
  • Enjoy.




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