Mr. Peabody and Sherman Cookies

I wasn’t a huge fan of cupcake cookies cutters until I found this one. It’s a perfect size.  It fits for variety of projects. Today I used it  to make Mr. Peabody and next week  I’ll show you how I made the Sherman. Both done using this cutter.

To make Mr. Peabody Cookies you need:
Ann ClarkCupcake Cookie Cutter (check Wegmans store if you have one in the area, I bought mine there at discounted price)
Ann Clark Cupcake Cookie Cutter
Edible Markers by Americolors  or a  pin
Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing Recipe
15 Second  Icing:  white,
20 Second  Icing : black, red,
Outline- white
 How To Thin Royal Icing
Professional Needle Tool or toothpick
Americolor Gel Food Colorings

Simple Template (My scanner is out of commission so this is an actual picture, you’ll probably  have to resize this to fit the cutter)

Learn how to make Mr. Peabody Cookies in this video

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