Cookie Inspired by Porcelain China

Idea for this design was born in the Home Depot store; I forget what I was getting, oh yes we needed some spray paint for a project. Well  we were waiting for our turn, waiting in the line and I spotted Southern Living Wedding Magazine and so naturally I flipped thought it and suddenly I saw it. A beautiful porcelain china set. I have a soft spot for pretty china and it dawned on me..I’ll use this for a cookie I can’t decide what to do with it. Voila there it is.
You are going to laugh as the leaf design came to life from a sheer laziness, really I mean I’m not lazy  but this was kind of lazy of me. I ran out of green flood icing and I just didn’t feel like getting down from my bar chair..and so I just tightly zic zac the inside of the leaf and actually I really liked the look so I finished rest of the cookies with the same pattern
I love when customer provides  me with guidelines and leaves me a  free cookie speech.


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