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Chevron Christmas Cookie Card

With only 9 days till Christmas here is an idea for a  cute Christmas  Cookie Card.
My little niece Johanka started saying her first words; as unexpected as this is, she doesn’t say them in her native language or her parents’ native language. She says, in English : “Happy, happy, happy”.

To make these cookie you need:
Food Grade Coloring Pen
Gel Food Colorings
Chevron Template, how to make a template
  •  Using a chevron template and food coloring pen, draw directly onto the cookie, creating a piping guide.
  • Flood every other line of the chevron pattern and let dry completely.
  • Once dry, using a Silver Color Mist, spray the chevron pattern. Let dry.
  • Then fill the remaining chevron pattern lines with white and rest of the cookie with red icing. let dry.
  • Using a  Extra Fine Tip Food Writer by Wilton, write Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas…etc.
  • Using white icing pipe a small snowflake.Let dry.
Using chevron pattern and food pen, draw a piping guide directly onto the cookie

Using Silver Spray Mist
Flood remaining areas

Use a Extra Fine Tip Food Pen
Add a snoflake

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