Monarch Butterfly Cookies Tutorial with Template

It’s time for beautiful, colorful Butterfly Cookies, few weeks back I made a this pretty Monarch Butterfly Cake (I have yet to share it here on the blog, so stay tuned) and so ever since that cake I’ve been meaning to make cookies inspired by the technique I used to decorate the butterfly cake. To make cookies I used chocolate cookie base and orange flavored royal icing.

  1. Before you make the stencil, take the cutter and make sure the stencil cutout sections fit nicely inside of the cutter.

  2. When cutting stencil with exacto knife always make sure your surface is protected, you don’t want to ruin your desk or antique dinning room table. I use an old cutting board underneath. Tape the template on the board and then tape the stencil. This way nothing will be shifting while you are cutting it out with the knife. Also, make sure the blade is sharp with the tip of the blade intact. Be patient and cut the stencil in sections. Slower, precision cutting is better. Stencil blanks are not paper thin and some pressure has to be applied to cut through.

Recipe Notes

Monarch Butterfly Cookies Tutorial

Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Baking Cocoa
Royal Icing - I used orange flavoring to flavor my icing
Orange Flavoring
Butterfly Cookie Cutter
Paint Brush
Edible Gold Luster Dust
Piping Bags
Stencil Holder(comes with the small green spreader)
Sugar Smoothers 
Stencil Blank(mylar material)
Exacto Knife