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Silver and White Love Cookies


I’ve made the LOVE cookies several times in the past(Love cookies on the stick,Tree Love Cookie) and so when the order came for Silver and White Themed Love Cookies I was very excited. Not that I’m tired of red but silver and white is just very close to my heart, it is elegant and really stands out.

These cookies were made for the bridal shower for a lovely girl Kelly, she and her fiancee got engaged at the Love Park, by the statue in Philadelphia, so naturally  her mom wanted LOVE be present at the party.

 I don’t own a KopyKake  and until I do  I will have to rely on other tools and techniques to use when I make my cookies. For these I made lots of royal icing transfers as shown in the picture below. I had a choice of painting the LOVE with silver luster dust but I decided to avoid that scenario with simply dusting a bit of Edible Jewel dust 
 onto each transfer. It  turned out prettier than I thought it would.


To decorate these cookies I used a Dry – Wet application, on a freshly flooded cookie I gently placed dry royal icing transfer. For this application I always make my flooding icing a big thicker and I try not to over flood the cookie, but I make sure there is enough icing especially about 1/4 inch in from the edges of the cookie as those are the areas where sometime RIT have hard time sticking to the icing. I hope that makes sense.

Perhaps you recognized my new photo prop? My new Bench

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  1. Lovely! But i have made transfers, much smñler than this and broke all of them. Have you got a step by step or turorial for transfers!? A bunch of thanks!!!!

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