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Scale of Justice Cookies

 I was asked to make these for a Georgetown Law School Graduate.I’m pretty happy about how these turned out. I really like the color combination.These are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.


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  1. Thank you Tammy. I used Royal Icing to decorate these cookies. To create the scales I made them using RIT. You could also try making your own stencil, and do the stenciling technique/it would be much faster/ I'm not sure how glaze icing handles when dry, if it is hard enough you should be able to do stenciling/with royal icing/, if not I'd go with royal icing on the whole cookie.
    Not sure if this is any help.:-)

    Faithy, you are always so kind,I'm still learning how to do things, I think anyone can decorate cookies, it takes patience and lots of practice.
    I used to practice on cardboard pieces, pretend cookie shapes so to speak.:-)
    See your latest cake I'm positive your cookies will be as beautiful.

  2. These are amazing! I admire your talent! Seeing your cookies each time inspire me to go make some decorated cookies too..esp. your blog provides all these helpful tips and tutorials! But I need to practice more to get that sort of piping skills.

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