Sailor and Herringbone Tie Cookies

Few months back I bought stencils from The Stencil Closet.  I bought these stencils before I got  my new airbrush and I was waiting for the airbrush to get here  to try them out and then the gardening season started and then there was Mother’s Day and I had to make 3 cakes and more cookies and then I ran out of excuses…and made these Tie Cookies.
For these cookies I used 2 stencils. I’m fond of herringbone pattern, it has that old world’s charm that I adore. I also used  mini anchor stencil.  

To make these cookies you need:

Cake Decorating Airbrush

Stencils from The Closet Stencil
white royal icing of 15 second consistency(video tutorial)
airbrush food colors: copper, sky blue
Americolors food gel colors: yellow, black, royal blue
White or Blue Sanding Sugar
Tie cookie cutter from The Cookie Cutter Company

  • Flood the cookies with white royal icing, let icing dry overnight.
  • Next day, using stencils and an airbrush, stencil cookies.
  • Anchor Cookies : first pipe the outline using royal blue icing, dip the cookie in the sanding sugar and then using red icing pipe #1 Dad.
  • Herringbone Cookies: using black royal icing pipe #1 Dad, then using yellow royal icing pipe the outline.
  • Let both cookies air dry for couple of hours.
  • Store in the airtight container or package cookies individually in clear bags, tie the bag with a pretty ribbon.

Video Tutorial

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