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Pretty Painted Cookie


I hope everyone is having a great Friday, it has been raining here most of the day and a light fog has settled in for most of the day. I’m about to start our dinner but first I wanted to send you a pretty message into your email inboxes on Saturday Morning. 🙂

 Ever since I’ve seen  Liz’s(Arty McGoo) Painting on Cookies Tutorial I wanted to try making a more detailed design on my cookies too. Obviously I have a lot to learn but I’m quite happy with this cookie and will be trying this technique in the future more often.

Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

  • Firstly I flooded the cookie with white icing then I made sure to let the icing dry for several hours
  • Secondly I very lightly dry brushed(with a flat brush) the whole cookie with light pink, by dry brush I mean : I dipped the brush into the water and then pink paint and then I gently brushed the brush against the paper towel to remove most of the water and some paint, brush was pretty dry when I applied the stroke onto the cookie, also as you see I was applying strokes in one direction only. After this you have to let the painted layer dry completely before adding more details
  • Thirdly, once first layer was dry I added details,using a fine brush I added stems, flowers and leaves.
  • It is quite fun to paint on cookies, and it was rather fast too. I might try this again in the future.

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