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How to Make Decorated Patriotic Star Cookies

These Patriotic Star Cookies feature the bold and beautiful colors of red, white, and blue, creating a stunning and festive appearance. Perfect for all your patriotic celebrations: Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day.

Round and star cookies decorated with royal icing.

updated from 2014


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Use your favorite cut-out cookie recipes to prepare the cookies. Or you can use one of these tested cut-out cookie recipes.

In this tutorial I show you how to decorate 2 different shapes. Star and a round with a star in the middle. If you plan on shipping these patriotic star cookies, I highly recommend that you use an alternative round shape. It’s less prone to breaking in shipping.

Baked cookies and piping bags filled with blue, red and white royal icing.


  • Sky Blue, Red, Royal Blue, White Icing: 15 second consistency
  • White Icing, Sky Blue: piping consistency


Start by drawing the decorating guide onto the cookie. Use an edible marker and a straight edge to draw on cookies (steps 1-2). Then use red and white icing and outline each triangle and fill it with icing. Don’t wait for the icing to crust to flood the adjacent section. Use a scribe tool to smooth and distribute the icing. Focus on accentuating arms’ points (steps 3-8).

Star cookie decorated with red and white, and blue with polka dots.

Continue until you have three triangles left. Switch to royal blue icing and fill three triangles with blue icing. Immediately make polka dot pattern with white icing. Make the first line of dots thru the middle and then stagger other dots (steps 1-8). Let icing dry overnight.

Piping white polka dost onto a blue icing.

Use white icing (piping consistency) and outline the star and triangles. Immediately dust icing with white sanding sugar. Gently shake off excess and allow to dry for 2 hours before packaging and storing cookies (steps 1-8).

Star cookie dusted with white sanding sugar.
A close-up of star decorated cookie.


Now let’s have a look on how to decorate round cookies with a star in the middle. To streamline the decorating process I created a star indentation in the round cookie with a star cookie cutter, before the cookies were bakes. Then when the time comes to decorate you don’t need to trace the shape onto the cookie, because it’s already there.

Hand pressing a star cookie cutter into a round cookie.

Start by creating a triangular guide using an edible marker and a ruler or a cardstock (steps 1-2). Outline and fill in red and white triangles, alternating colors until you have three triangles left (step 2-8). Then fill the three triangles with blue icing and using wet-on-wet decorating technique create polka dot pattern (refer to the star tutorial above)

Piping red and white icing onto a star cookie.

Outline and fill the area around the patriotic star with light blue icing. Let the icing dry overnight (steps 1-8).

Piping bag with light blue icing, piping icing onto a round cookie.

Outline the star with blue icing (piping consistency) and immediately dust icing with light blue or white sanding sugar (steps 1-5).

Outlining a star shape with blue icing. Cookie dusted with light blue sanding sugar.
A round cookie with a star in the middle decorated with icing, on a dark blue plate.
Decorate Cookie from 2014


Use a lined paper or a grid to draw the even lines onto the cookie, using an edible marker (steps 1-3).

Hand holding an edible marker making lines across a star cookie.

Outline and flood every other section with red icing. There is no need to wait for the icing to crust. Follow with the next decorating step (step 1-8).

Piping red and white stripes onto a star cookie.

Fill the remaining sections with white icing. Use the scribe to accentuate the points (steps 1-8).

Star cookies decorated with red and white stripes.


Outline and flood star cookie with royal blue icing (15-second consistency). Switch the piping bag and immediately, using 15-second consistency white icing, pipe polka dot pattern, using wet-on-wet technique.

TIP: Do you struggle with polka dots? Pipe a line of small dots across the middle. Then stagger remaining polka dots.

A star cookie decorated with blue icing and white polka dots.


Red, blue and white star cookies decorated with royal icing.

This cookie decorating tutorial was published on May 210, 2014. On June 19, 2024, I updated this cookie decorating tutorial with step-by-step pictures and written text.

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