Meet Marian from Sweetopia

Hello Everyone, hope you all had a great week and are doing just wonderful.
It is the last Sunday before Christmas, I’ve been baking for the last several nights and
today I have to make 2 batches of decorated cookies and one gift box, but before I get into the kitchen I wanted to share with you a really special treat.
  I’m more than honoured to introduce
   Marian from Sweetopia
I remember I first met Marian on flickr, where she posted her Gingerbread Houses , they really blew me away. Her precision and details on them is really remarkable,  I’ve been a fan of her work ever since.
 Copyright ©  Sweetopia 
Marian was kind enough to answer my 10 Question Interview today, along the way I will be sharing some of her favorite photos from her gallery as well.
What is your favorite cookie cutter Shape and why?
Marian : “My favorite cookie cutter shape has to be the simple circle.  Ever since I’ve begun using the KopyKake projector I’ve used this shape as the backdrop to numerous designs.”
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2. I love bargains and I read on your blog you have the same wonderful addiction, what was your coolest find? 
Marian: “My coolest find was without a doubt, a bag of cookie cutters for $2.00 at a garage sale!”
 Copyright ©  Sweetopia 
 3.Do you have a nick name?
Marian: “Not that I know of!”  😉  
  Copyright ©  Sweetopia 
4. How did you get involved with University of Cookie ?
Marian : “When she first created it, the lovely Bridget from Bake at 350 contacted me and simply asked if I wanted to be a part of it.” 
 Copyright ©  Sweetopia 
5. You are  a Disco Dust Queen, do you have a favorite  supplier and color that you like to use the most when decorating your sweets?
Marian : “Definitely rainbow disco dust; it’s kind of clear and can match any design I’m working on.   My favorite on-line supplier is Amazon, and my favorite “local“ supplier is the Bonnie Gordon School in Toronto.  I’ll make the long drive at least once or twice a year to see what she’s got.”


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         How to Apply Disco Dust
 Rainbow Disco Dust, 3 grams

  6. What  did you have for lunch today?
Marian : “Kind of boring! Ham and cheese sandwich, carrot sticks and tangerines.”
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  7. I read health and wellness are really important to you, I always have trouble balancing all the baking, cookie, cupcake making  with a healthy diet; do you have any tips on how to safely balance two ?
Marian :”It is difficult, especially when I’m looking at or working with sweets on a regular basis!  Being healthy is important to me though, so I’ve found a few things which have helped:
·       Always eat breakfast.  – Mon-Friday I have oatmeal with fruit, a banana, and on the way to work, peppermint tea. (Or even just hot water.  I know, old lady already. Lol).
·       Eat every 2-3 hours so that I never get too hungry.  If I’m feeling ravenous I’ll eat anything in front of me, especially sweets.
·       Try to eat at least 5-7 servings of fruit and veggies every day.
·       Drink lots of water
·       Eat at least one piece of chocolate per day, or, eat dessert, but eat a smaller portion of it.  – Believe me, I don’t have to force myself to do this one.  I find that it’s easier for me not to over-indulge if I allow myself to eat what I want.
·       If I do make bad food choices don’t beat myself up over it.  – Let’s just say, I do get random cravings for the McDonald’s Big Mac and fries.  I’m working on making better choices more often, but I don’t deny myself if I really want to eat something.  I just try and make good food choices for the most part.
·       Get my heart rate up 3-4 times per week – Whether it’s a walk/hiking, snowshoeing, swimming, running (mostly in the warmer months), dancing, yoga, whatever; I find something I like to do to get my exercise in.  I aim for at least 3-4 times per week, for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.  I really I’d like to do more, but it’s often hard to find a balance with time. 
I still haven’t perfected it by any means.  Because of the blog especially, I find that I’m sitting on the computer more than I used to, so I definitely need to find ways (or time), to exercise more.  A friend and I have signed up for a half marathon in Toronto for this May; I find that giving myself a goal helps me keep motivated and focused.”
   Copyright ©  Sweetopia 
8.What can’t  be missing on your Christmas Table?
Marian : “Dessert.”
 9. Is there anything in the Sugar Art World that you are intimidated by?
Marian : “I still feel a bit hesitant about cakes.  I’ve taken a few classes and made cakes here and there, but still feel like I need a lot more practice to feel comfortable.”
 10. Gift you’ll never forget? 
Marian : “A good friend of mine took the time throughout last year to collect all sorts of sweet-related little gifts for me; from cookie Christmas tree ornaments, to cupcake measuring spoons, a pretty cake platter and more.  When she gave them all to me last Christmas I was overwhelmed at her thoughtfulness and generosity; so sweet!”
 Copyright © Sweetopia 


Marian, thank you very much for answering my questions today and for sharing your Sugar Art.
I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, I can’t wait to see more of your wonderful ideas and really well thought through tutorials.
~ All the best in 2011~
If you haven’t already, visit Sweetopia for more ideas, tutorials and inspiration.
Note : All the Photographs  above are  the property of Sweetopia
Please Do not Reproduce in anyway without owner’s permission.
Thank you.



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  1. Marion is so talented I sometimes just cant even get my head around the amazing things she does… I could look at her pictures and creations all day long!


  2. Lizzy, thank you.

    thank you and I agree Marian is really an amazing person, and it shows in everything she does.

  3. Hi Haniela, Your blog is very inspiring and great recipes! love your post and the interview with Marian from Sweetopia! love her work I am sure she is great in cakes also she is such an amazing, talented person and such an inspiration.

  4. Marian is the sweetest (no pun intended!) lady! I've emailed her several times about tips, techniques, & advice and she graciously and promptly answers all of my questions. I aspire to be half as good a decorator as she is! I <3 her work!
    I hope I'll be fortunate enough to meet her in person someday!

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