Love Tree Cookies

♥ Thank You C.♥
It seems like an eternity since last time I posted pictures of my decorated cookies. I hope to make more cookies in coming weeks.
Today I will share with you a really super easy way how to pipe  an iconic LOVE sign onto a cookie.
Last year I used royal icing transfers for my LOVE COOKIES.
 Today I decided to try something different, I used my Stencil Maker and made LOVE sign STENCIL, well sort of anyway – you can also visit my tutorial to see how to make  stencil using Stencil Maker.
First I thought of stenciling the cookies but it wasn’t the look I wanted so I decided to trace the love sign contours onto the cookies, using a food coloring pen and my love stencil
Then simply pipe over the lines and make the LOVE SIGN.
 And there you have it Love Tree Cookies

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  1. So pretty, love that you used a stencil to outline and then piped and flooded. Such a different effect that totally works.

  2. Very sweet! What a great cookie idea! It reminds me of what the book "The Giving Tree" is all about. Also, wonderful for Earth day/Arbor day!

    ((Tree hugs!!))

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