Winter Mitten Cookies

When making cookies as gifts, I have a tendency to ask questions  to  find out all I can about the recipient. It is so I can match the cookie design  with their personality, I really enjoy this part very much, more than making same cookies over and over, I love it when I’m allowed to add a little ♥ with my pipping bag.
I don’t think I need  to explain much here…seeing these cookies are pretty simple and clear.:-)

Recipient has a stone carved map of Texas by the front door…
so my intuition told me to make

  I ♥ TX ( I love Texas) Cookies.

I have few more designs that I’d like to share with you before Christmas.
Hopefully I can get them up tonight or tomorrow.
I don’t know about you but I try to keep up with the Christmas traditions that I grew up with and so 
we are having a very traditional dinner on 24th(we’d get gifts in the evening of 24th), potato salad and breaded fish. Yum. I only make it once a year so it is a very special meal. Salad is very rich and flavorful and it can be eaten alone as well as with ham or other dishes.
I’m  also making a dessert for Saturday afternoon, and I will be sharing  my  recipe for a really easy and delicious Apple Strudel on my blog. I love apple strudel.
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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