How I Took ” I, Robot Easter Egg Cookie” Picture

These are my I, Robot Easter Egg Cookies I made for the Easter Extravaganza Project. If you haven’t yet seen all the mind blowing creations by  21 super talented bloggers you better head over here and have a look. They are some cool ideas!

Blogging is not just about creating something to post. Blogging is very visual. Every time I make a cookie, dessert or a just a sandwich I have all kinds of ideas swirling in my head about presentation, colors, background, props. I guess it would make life a lot easier not to obsess about it  but I like the challenge.  Everywhere I go, I look for different props, fabrics, textures, I go to garage sales, looking for hidden treasures I can use later, someday.  My house is running out of space. I turned 2 of my dressers into my prop pantry.

Water tubes and wrenches

There was no time to grow my own grass an I didn’t see any trays available at the nursery so I ran to my friend’s house. Remembering she has an artificial grass basket she uses at Easter time. Thankfully she understands why I get so overworked over a “silly” prop. It was in the basement so we took it out and I could start planning my next move.

Had I baked the cookies with the stick inside them it would have made my plan  a lot easier but I didn’t. I turned to something I saved from years ago, it moved with us and now after years I finally get to use it. Florist water tubes! Whoohoo! I found them, tucked away in a little box under the bed. They have pointy ends and worked perfectly. Bottom base of artificial grass tray is Styrofoam and I didn’t wan’t disturb it too much. I placed the water tubes in place and then I took few bamboo sticks and inserted them just behind the tubes. Once I put the cookies on top of tubes they leaned back a little but bamboo sticks stopped them from falling over.

Finally I can take a shot. Not so fast…I want something else in there. I went to visit my hubby’s tool closet. A sacred place. I found a large box with many many many wrenches and I used some of them them as props. They were heavy, sinking into the grass so I supported them with more bamboo sticks. Who knew bamboo sticks would be so helpful, right? One would think they are good only for grilling.
Before I forget I also made the bunny. It is made from felt and you can find a template here if you wanted to make one yourself. They are super cute and you can also stuff them with polyester filling  or leave them hollow. They make for cute finger puppets.

Ready to shoot

If you’d like to learn how to make these cookies, you can see my detailed tutorial here.

I, Robot Easter Egg Cookie

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