Garage Sale Treasures

Throughout the whole Summer and Fall my Saturdays were filled with garage sales, yard sales, moving sales, estate name it..I was there looking for that little treasure …that I call a photo prop, I love these little things, they add such a character to an ordinary photo. I wish I had more of them. I really want some great fabrics and dishes and utensils and more fabrics and distressed wood board and ..well it seems like I want a lot. I’ve already emptied 3 of my bedroom drawers to store some of it there.
Last sale I visited was actually this huge flea market and one seller in particular had the most amazing stuff, everything was in boxes so you kind of had to dig through, boy do I wish I had more time on my hands and a fuller wallet..I’d buy so much more there. I bought this green dish there..and I love it.I’ve already used it several times.Check it out HERE   or HERE



Tartlet Pans you see above I wanted those for the longest time, and when I came across this never used set..I wanted it so badly…you’ll never guess how much I paid for them.;-) $0.25, yes that is right!I already tested these to make my Delicious Apple Tartlets


I have yet to use these glass jars, aren’t they cool ?


Check out these two, isn’t this textured bottle really cool ?! Actually I have an antique store around the corner, I can basically walk there, so one day I did and it really isn’t a good thing to have a shop like that so dangerously close to my home.. White and sleek vase is perfect I absolutely adore that style. I’ve used it HERE


These old muffin pans cost me 25 cents, they were all rusty and all, so I had to clean them up, I used baking soda and vinegar, for scrubbing I used aluminum foil, and last I wiped them with olive oil. Obviously I don’t use them for baking, but they make for an interesting prop, don’t you think. I used it HERE
I have yet to use these pretty pepper and salt shakers, I like the white and the style

When I go to garage sales I always seem to look for utensils and silverware, it is not easy to come by.
So I’ve only gathered a small collection of these, I have few other props that are not in the photo but these are my favorites so far.

One knife was used in HERE
There you have it a Part of my Garage Sale Treasure Finds.

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