Easter Extravaganza and I, Robot Easter Egg Cookie

Welcome to The Easter Extravaganza Collaboration Project.
Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee  and join me and 21 brilliant artisans in this grand Easter Celebration.
Without a further ado here is what I created for the festivities: I, Robot Easter Egg Cookie.
My friend Rachel gave me a super cute set of  Yumot Robot Cupcake Molds,  and ever since  I wanted to create something robot like.

Inspired by Sugarbelle’s  I Love Robot Cookies I made a rough sketch, something like this…

To make these cookies you need:
Egg shape cookies
Americolor Food Gel Colorings : Egg yellow, Sky blue, Royal blue, Mint green, Black(from Bake it Pretty)
I used about 15 second icing :yellow, blue, green, white, black,
Outline icing :  gray, green, blue,
toothpick or Stainless Steel Veining  Needle Tool (by The Baker’s Kitchen)
black food pen, if needed
Pearl Color Mist  Food Color by Wilton(optional)
  • 1. Outline and flood cookies in section. Don’t flood too  sections next to each other at the same time. Flood every other section. Wait 20 minutes for the icing to crust over.
  • 2.+ 3. Flood remaining sections. Let icing dry.
  • 4. Using blue pipe wrench shape onto the cookie, wrench represent hands.
  • 5. Flood with blue icing
  • 6.Using a small paper template for eyes (2 small hexagons next to each other), trace the eye shape onto the cookie using a food pen. Outling and flood with green icing.
  • 7. Onto the wet green eye add a large dot of white icing followed with a dot black. Pipe mouth- with grey and add yellow dots/pins to the borders between sections. Let dry. You can spray the cookie with Pearl Color Mist for added sheen.
  • I, Robot Easter Egg Cookie Video Tutorial

I, Robot Easter Egg Cookie
Scroll down and browse through all the amazing creations.
Click on the image to view the recipe/tutorial.

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Cookie Bunny Pop by Meaghan – The Decorated Cookie
Pretzel Bunnies by Sarah – Miss CandiQuik
I, Robot Egg Cookie by Hani – Haniela’s

Special Thanks to Mike and Meaghan.

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