Dogwood Tree Cookies



Spring is the perfect time of the year to go for a walk or run. I’ve been enjoying beautiful blooms of Dogwood Trees on my running route.They are absolutely stunning at this time of the year and I can only imagine what a field of these looks like when in bloom. Imagine.


Since I don’t own a dogwood flower cookie cutter and hand cutting them seemed a bit too much work I’ve decided to try adding a single flower to my tree cookie. I wanted to use a real flower shape so I printed a picture of a single dogwood flower and traced it onto a stenciling blank, or plastic divider.Then I used my Stencil Maker to cut it out. Stencil Making Tutorial
Once you have the Dogwood Flower Stencil, you are now ready to outline the flower shape  onto your previously iced and completely dry cookies. I used yellow food coloring pen for this purpose.


Outline and flood the flower shape with royal icing. Royal Icing Flood Consistency Tutorial
Using a brush dust rainbow or white disco dust onto the freshly iced flower. Let dry.



To make the center of the flower, pipe medium size dots of lime green royal icing onto the parchment paper or, acetate sheets and let dry. Once dry, add small dots all over the button shape. Using several dots of royal icing attach the center onto the flower.
Finish off with adding details.

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  1. THank you so much everyone for you wonderful words. I love hearing what you think about my creations.

  2. Haniela! I am speechless. These are beyond cookies, they are works of art! As soon as I scrolled through our Inspiration Friday their beauty caught my eye immediately. I had to come over and tell you right away how impressed I am with your talent. Thank you so much for sharing them with us at Inspiration Friday! Have a beautiful weekend!


  3. Your cookies are really beautiful. This is my first visit to your site and I've spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit and I've enjoyed the time I've spent here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. I just knew when I saw the title of this post in my reader that I was going to see yet another beautiful cookie! Absolutely love the look of these and your photographs of them are so soft and delicate.

  5. These cookies are really gorgeous! I especially love the stencil technique and the tiny dot details. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions!

  6. I have a pink dogwood tree in my yard. They are so gorgeous. I took pictures of my homemade peeps with a dogwood branch, but I never thought to make them into cookies! What a great idea. Your cookies are equally as beautiful as the pink blossoms!

  7. Hani these are beautiful….and the photography breathtaking…I see my new screensaver!!

  8. Thank you everyone. I'm so happy you like these.
    Lorraine, tree I got at a local cookie cutter shop, I've been meaning to get one and I finally did, though it is pretty I wouldn't recommend shipping cookies with a thin tree trunk like this. It is not well balanced for shipping as it will break, I'm sure of it.

  9. I love Dogwoods too. The colors are so beautiful. I wanted to ask about your tree. Did you cut that one yourself too? And I love the "Love" cookie from yesterday.

  10. Beautiful cookies and tutorial, Hani! Dogwoods are a face of mine, too. Will have to try this method! Thanks for sharing with us!

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