Christmas Tree Jewelry Cookies



I entered myself into  a Fancy Flours Christmas Tree Jewelry Cookie Contest.
Once all the incredible entries are posted on their blog I will let you know, you don’t want to miss it!
Today I wanted to show you my entries.

I wish I’ve done my honey cookies, didn’t quite had time to squeeze those in.
First Set  was inspired by Russian Faberge Eggs.
my original sketches looked like this.

 I used sugar diamonds that I made using pretreated isomalt, you can also use technique Marian from Sweetopia used, tutorial can be found here


Details were generously painted with pearl and gold luster dust.

How to use luster dust

This is my favorite design from this set. I love the look of hanging pearls.

Second Set I made was inspired by lace designs, I like the delicate look of lace.
My initial sketches looked like this and I changed quite a bit while decorating.

I used Pastel Green Sparkling Sugar to create the gem look. Each little piece was applied with tweezers.
My favorite design from this set.





Third is set probably my favorite. I love silver and white.
I decided to add a little asymmetry to these.
Inspiration for these came from wedding dress.
Each cookie  represent a detail on a wedding dress.


Triple bow at the waist of the dress

Part of the skirt

Wedding train




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