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Bat Pumpkin Cookies

So, I finally bought a custom domain(thank you Georganne for helping me out) and I finally made it work. There was some glitch going on with blogger/google so I had to do a bit of a research on what to do. Apparently I was suppose to edit 2 CNAMES not just one. So that’s done. Yay. You can now find me at www.hanielas.com. In case you are wondering how you pronounce that, Hanielas?! It is quite simple, imagine you are saying Daniela, but instead of D you use H..like H in the word house, you know. Get it?  I told you  it is pretty easy.

These are some new Halloween cookies I made. Bat Pumpkin Cookies.

  • I used 2 cutters to make these: pumpkin cutter and a small bat cutter.
  • Following with a simple – I call it toothpick dragging method – I made a spider web.
  • And then I flooded bat with black royal icing.
  • Let dry and that’s it.

Flood the cookie with orange and then with flood consistency pipe black circles like shown. Then take a toothpick and drag from the center to the outer wall of the cookie. You must do this while icing is still wet and cookie is freshly flooded.

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