Haniela's: Easy Peach Lekvar Recipe

Easy Peach Lekvar Recipe

Friday, August 31, 2018

Peach jam, Peach lekvar

I've learned the hard way that store bought jams, preserves don't hold up in the heat of the oven, they run all over, and out of the pastries. Most of jams and preserves have agents like pectin, thickeners and when exposed to hear they become very fluid. To avoid a runny mess I make my own Peach Lekvar, I make it thick and it's delicious on a piece of bread but I mainly use it to make Moravian Kolache.
Consistency of Peach Lekvar is  similar to Plum Lekvar except they are peaches so flavor different.

Peach Lekvar
12 lb peaches, get peaches when in season and most flavorful
4-5 cups sugar
Juice of 3 lemons
Wash, remove the stone and quarter the peaches, Cook with sugar until very soft. Remove skins using a food mill, process in the food processor. Cook in the skillet in 3 cups measures, cook on medium high heat, stirring often, more often as the mixture thickens. Use a mesh splatter as needed. Make sure to scrape the sides of the skillet frequently to avoid mixture burning. You can however cook it all in one pot but it takes a log longer than this method. I like lekvar to be very thick so I cook it down until when you run the spoon through it it take 10 seconds or longer for the lines to come back together. Then scrape it out of the skillet into a clean bowl, and repeat. Once you are finished you can can the peach lekvar, process jars in the water bath for 10 minutes. 

Mixture changed color, it becomes darker as it thickens

Peach Lekvar, Peach Jam

peach, peach lekvar, peach butter, jam
Ready to be canned. Yum.


  1. Like apple butter texture--but peach? Sounds wonderful! When you use in kolache, you make a dip in the dough and fill with this, then fold over and after it rises make a new dip and fill with cheese? Want to be sure I understood the instruction from looking at photo.

    1. Hi Ellen, yes that is how my grandmother made them, I also like putting cheese inside and adding some lekvar on the top and sprinkles some butter flour sugar streusel. That's why I like lekvar/fruit butter to be so thick. I'm actually shopping for italian plums so I can make plum butter. I hope I can find some good ones.

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  3. I make peach butter in the crock pot to can and give in gift baskets. The smell throughout the house is amazing!