Haniela's: 30 Cookie Design Ideas with 1 Cookie Cutter

30 Cookie Design Ideas with 1 Cookie Cutter

Monday, August 20, 2018

chewbacca, princess, squid, octopus,mario cart

Few weeks back I challenged myself to create 30 different cookie designs using just one cookie cutter shape. Shape I had in mind is super cute Strawberry Cutter by Callye of SugarBelle. I love cutters that are versatile and have more to offer than just one design.

 After my initial thought that I could do this alone I realized I needed help. Help from my friends. Since I spend a lot of time on Instagram these days I thought why now ask you. If you are not following me on there you can find me here and don't be shy, say hello. 
So anyway in my Instagram stories I posted a question simply asking what you saw looking at this particular shape and you folks surprised with all your incredible ideas! I still can't believe how many different designs ideas you sent over. For this project I selected many of your ideas and few were my own.  My very favorite design was suggested many times and yet I didn't see till then. This cutter is really such a clever shape that human heart fits perfectly! I also love campfire, it's brilliant really, you just need to turn the cutter upside down and let's not forget hermit crab with the shell. How cute is that!? Bunch of carrots, Princess Peach, Chewbacca, Paddington Bear, Jelly Fish, Octopus and many more. I struggled with the piping bag design for the longest time. Not sure why, perhaps the simplicity threw me off but overall I enjoyed making all these cookie very much. I hope you like them as well. I will have the videos out really soon as well. 

To make these Cookies you need:
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing -Instead of  freshly squeezed lemon juice or use water instead of lemon juice to make also very popular vanilla icing instead
Food Colors by Americolor Brand 
How to thin royal icing 

Here are some photos from the decorating process.



Here you can see all 30 designs.

gold fish, human heart, strawberry, mario kart, flamingo, hermit


  1. you are so talented! have you ever written a book?

  2. These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing - really opens the door to creativity when looking at other cookie cutter shapes.