Haniela's: Rainbow Lollipop Cookies

Rainbow Lollipop Cookies

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ever since I made wood log cookies nearly 4 years ago I wanted to try it with different colors, many of you also suggested I use pastel and other bright colors. Well, today is the day. Haha, it only took 4 years to whip up these colorful lollipop cookies. I sure hope you were not holding your breath for all this time waiting for these. I often get distracted by numerous ideas at once. 4 years later here they are.
Needless to say these are as fun to make as they look. Technique is very easy yet I would recommend that you practice on a piece of wax paper, try to have a steady hand and best to use your other hand to support the piping hand. 

Wood Log Cookies from 2014.

Plastic wrap, I used press and seal type

Food Colors - Orange, yellow, pink, royal blue, green
10-15 Second Consistency 

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