Haniela's: Disney Beauty and The Beast Gingerbread House

Disney Beauty and The Beast Gingerbread House

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I hope you like Beauty and The Beast, today we are making a Beauty and The Beast inspired gingerbread house. I hope you like it.

To make Beauty and The Beast Gingerbread House you need:


Disposable Piping Bags
Food only paint brush
Edible Markers  by FooDoodlers or Americolor Brand Markers
Americolor Foodcolorss : yellow, orange, royal blue, brown, ivory, red, purple, pink, sky blue
Gingerbread Dough for Centerpieces - if making your own house panels
Royal Icing 
Gold Pearls
Rose Stencil
Stencil Holder
Piping tip 101 for the ribbon roses, you'll also need a flower nail and small wax paper squares
Cookie Cutters - Chimney - from this cutter set
Cookie Cutters - house panels
Tweezers used in the video
Gray Fine Tip Edible Marker
Light Brown Marker
Needle Tool

Front panel


Front house panel decorations

Royal icing enchanted rose. I used edible markers to paint it.

Side panel, start with the windows.

Window frame royal icing transfer, let dry overnight.

Paint the frames with gold luster dust mixed with an extract.

Side panel is almost finished.

I used an edge rose stencil by Stencibelle (ideally you'd want to use a full rose stencil - this one )and a stencil snap frame by Sweet Sugarbelle

Use Gold Pearls to decorate the roof panel.

Mrs. Potts Chimney

Back house panel.

Here are all the panels minus the back panel.

Templates for the windows, enchanted rose and silhouette.

Template for the drapery on the roof.

Template for the front door.

 When putting the house together I always like to glue the front and side panels to form the base. I let it dry for several house and then I glue the roof panels on the top. 
It is very important to use stiff royal icing for the glue.

House base

Here is the step by step video, just in case you wanted to give this house a go yourself. Enjoy.


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