Haniela's: Jasmin Aladdin and Genie Cookies

Jasmin Aladdin and Genie Cookies

Monday, May 1, 2017

For several months now I have been making Disney Emoji Blitz cookie designs. 
Today I'm sharing how to make 3 cookies, all from Disney's Aladdin. 
If you are just joining in be sure to check out my Disney Emoji Blitz Playlist

To make the Cookies you will need :
Sugar Cookies
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
Super Fine Tip Edible Marker  - black by Rainbow Dust
Black Edible Marker by FooDoodlers
To color my icing I used Americolor Gel Colors
To make Purple I use Electric Pink and Sky Blue Food Color

Here are the templates  I used to make the cookies. The outer outline is a cookie cutting template and inner outline is a decorating template.

Watch my video to learn how you can make these cookies

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