Haniela's: Buttercream Mums Burlap Wreath Cake

Buttercream Mums Burlap Wreath Cake

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today we are celebrating colors of Fall with this beautiful buttercream cake. And, like that wasn't enough it's  also all about the falling leaves season inside as well. I made a pumpkin pound cake. 
It really is a delicious cake. 
I used Swiss buttercream to fill and ice the cake. It's one of my favorites to use. It's silky and just delicious.
I also used to make these pretty Fall flowers.

I divided pound cake batter into 3 -6 inch cake pan, to one of which I also added some mini chocolate chips. Doesn't look pretty?

To make Buttercream Mums Burlap Wreath Cake you need:
Pumpkin Pound Cake
Swiss Buttercream
Icing Smoother 
Bench Scraper - used in the video
Piping Tip #81
Round piping tips - medium and #3-#4
Parchment or wax paper squaers
Flower Nail
Disposable Piping Bags
Burlap buttercream wreath - cut out a Round Template from a cardstock paper, size depends on the size of your cake. Then make the buttercream transfer(you can see how it's done in my video below).
Food Colors - Yellow, Orange, Leaf green, Red,Brown
To color Swiss buttercream I used a warming technique.
Take little amount of buttercream, add food color and microwave for a few seconda. Stir well. Buttercream will become little thin, that is okay. Add it to the rest of the buttercream and stir well, repeat until desired color is reaches.

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