Haniela's: Halloween Witch Gingebread House

Halloween Witch Gingebread House

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Those of you who follow my blog probably know that I love Gingerbread Centerpieces. Love is probably an understatement. Truth is  I'm kind of  gingerbread obsessed. Last year I created my first Haunted House for Halloween and this year I made another Gingerbread Centerpiece. Witch House.
I still have this beauty in my possession, it smells great and I love how it turned out.
Have you ever made a Halloween Gingerbread House? If you have, be sure to share the picture on my FB page Haniela's or send me an email instead, use hanielas@yahoo.com.

To make the Halloween Gingerbread Witch House you need:

Gingerbread dough for centerpieces
Royal Icing
Template - from Sweetopia, (below is the cut out image used to make the door, and a simple templates for the windows on the side and one  on the front)
Wilton Round #3
Icing Comb to make the roof
Piping Bags, in the video I use new piping bags that also work with cookie decorating, without having to use the tip. Yay
Edible Markers-  Americolors, I used yellow
Edible Markers by FooDoodlers - I use brown and black
Bat Cookie Cutter
Witch Hat Cookie Cutter
Cat Cookie Cutter
Black Sanding Sugar (What is Sanding Sugar? )
Electric Food Gel Colorings
AmeriColor of Gel Paste Food Colors 12 Pack Kit
Stainless Steel Needle Tool
 Wax paper

Witch Update:
Last we've heard she is doing great in her little mansion. Counting days till Halloween.

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