Haniela's: Transformers Cookies, Collaboration with Semi Sweet

Transformers Cookies, Collaboration with Semi Sweet

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello Folks! New blog post is here!
As you all know by now I'm a big fan of collaborations. I love them. Today I'm collaborating with ...
Today I teamed up with Mike from Semi Sweet. We made Transformers Cookies!
Mike has been part of the cookie decorating community for a while; and honestly if you haven't seen Semi Sweet's cookie artistry you are really missing out. Mike constantly surprises me with his unique cookie ideas and designs.
Thanks for a great collaboration Mike!
Today on the Menu :  
Bumblebee Transformer Cookies by Haniela's

To make Bumblebee Transformer cookies you need:

Hexagon Cookie Cutter
FooDoodler - edible markers or a pin
Honeycomb Stencil
Magnets to hold the stencil in place
Airbrush Food Colorings
Sugar  Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing
15 second Icing - yellow, blue, gray
Piping consistency - white, black
 Food Colorings
Stainless Steel Needle Tool
Sanding Sparkling Sugar


As I mentioned above Mike made these awesome  Transformer Optimus Prime Cookie Cupcakes 

Head over to Semi Sweet's Blog  and learn how make them and while you are there browsing through Mike's amazing Cookie and Cupcake Galleries check out how to make :
Cabbage Patch Cupcakes
Breaking Bad Cupcakes

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