Haniela's: Valentine's Day Square Cookies and Dry Brushing on Cookies

Valentine's Day Square Cookies and Dry Brushing on Cookies

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dry brushing is a super easy painting technique. It can be used pretty much on any hard surface. From wood  antiquing to walls and you can  even  use it on plastic (I've given my old flower pots updated look with this technique).
I used this technique on my square cookies. Now you can either use regular food gel coloring or airbrush color. With both, make sure you only apply tiny bit of color to the brush bristles and even after that dab your brush onto a clean dry paper towel to remove excess and then use short strokes to dry brush the icing.

To make these cookies you need:

Sugar Cookies
Royal Icing Recipe
15 Second Flood Icing: white
Piping consistency : white to make the dots
Electric Americolor Gel Food Colorings (Electric Pink for dry brushing)
How To Thin Royal Icing
Professional Needle Tool or toothpick
White Sanding Sugar
Square Cookie Cutter
Silver Edible Heart Sprinkles by Wilton
Paint Brush, used only with food. Do not use paint brush that you have previously used with oil, acrylic or other non food mediums.

Pretty Square Cookies for Valentine's Day


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