Haniela's: Gingerbread Haunted House for Halloween

Gingerbread Haunted House for Halloween

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Over the years I had fallen head over heels for gingerbread decorations. I've been making gifts out of gingerbread and giving them to my friends for many years. It's become a tradition and every year I'm looking forward to this time of the year.  Even though I've never made Halloween decorations, the thought had been there I just never took the time to examine it. And finally here it is, long overdue, my first Halloween Gingerbread House.

To make this house you need
Gingerbread dough for centerpieces
Royal Icing
Template - from Sweetopia
Isomalt - Clear
Wilton Round #3
Wilton Petal Decorating # 101
Flower nail or Meat Thermometer on a nail.
Mini Metal Cutter Set (bell cutter)
AmeriColor of Gel Paste Food Colors 12 Pack Kit
 Moss Green Food Coloring
6-Inch Cake Boards

Gingerbread Haunted House for Halloween Complete Video Tutorial(includes how to make ribbon roses)

Front of the house.

Back of the house.

Ghost on the roof.

Ghost coming out from the chimney.

Broken window on the side.

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