Haniela's: Garage Sale Finds

Garage Sale Finds

Friday, August 30, 2013

More than once I've expressed my love for all things yard sales, garage sales, barn sales, estate sales, moving sales. I've had blast this Summer venturing into some cool places here in PA, and with Fall coming up ... I can't wait to see what this one brings around.
In the beginning of Summer  my friend and I went to a local school yard sale. You should know about me that I'm not afraid to dig in so when I spotted an old beaten metal box with some old tools I took a dive in. I love old tools, door knobs, old wire candle sticks with heavy bottom stands, old frames,  and things of such unique character. So anyway, I saw some tools and found something we could use in the garage. Gentleman at the table looked at me with a smile and said : " You know I've never seen a woman to go for rusty old tools!"  I replied : "Well,  I'm no ordinary woman." LOL, and we had a good laugh. I explained I was looking for some pins and he had good ones. I have lots of other stories but I won't bore you too much with the rest.
Here is what I found today. I love bookends, seriously I do.
I adore G Clef one, I believe it is brass, it has a really nice brushed texture.
Fleur D Lis ones are from cast iron, kind of heavy and I love them,  and I'll probably end up using them to hold the white reflector boards when I take pictures.
Wired basket is really cool looking. They had several pieces and I was thinking of using them all to make a stand but it would kill the main purpose of a tray . This is a new prop, hopefully you'll see it in next couple of posts on the blog.

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