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Calendar Cookies

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nearly 2 years have passed since I made my  first batch of Calendar Cookies.  Back then in 2011 I used a completely different technique to make the grid. Yes, grid. Despite being super simple it can be a little tricky. If you have a Kopykake, sure thing you are fine but doing the grid without it can give you a headache...but no more!
This time around I tried something else and it actually worked.  Check it out below in my video tutorial.

To make Calendar Cookies you need:
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
Professional Needle Tool
AmeriColor Gel Paste - Electric Green
AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Color 12 Pack Kit
Fox Run 6-Piece Square Cookie Cutter Set
Sanding Sugar
White:  15 second flood and thick outline
Lime Green(I used electric green americolor to make lime): 15 second
Purple and Yellow : piping consistency

Grid Template

  • Bake cookies, let them cool.
  • Place the cookie onto the grid guide, center it .Outline and flood with white 15 second icing.
  • Using lime green 15 second icing pipe the grid. Use the grid template lines for the reference where to start piping the lines.
  • Let the icing dry.
  • Take piping purple icing and pipe the month and the date.
  • Circle date with heart or a circle.
  • Let dry.
  • Using thick outline consistency pipe the border, dip the cookie into the sanding sugar, shake the container and lift the cookie, place it onto a tray and let the outline dry for an hour or so.
  • Store in the airtight container, layered with wax paper.

I mostly use Americolors, in this tutorial I used Electric Green to make the lime color.
I like to use sanding sugar on cookies, even though I own  sanding sugars in all the colors of the rainbow, I mainly white sanding sugar a lot. It adapts to any design  and make cookies little more interesting.
I love simple shapes, rounds, hearts and squares are one of my favorites to use.

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