Haniela's: Radish Onion and Pea Sowing

Radish Onion and Pea Sowing

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back with another garden post. I'll try to share garden updates at least once a week, sometime perhaps even more than once. As we get into the season there will lots to share.
We already have some veggies in, first we planted radishes, then onion, scallion, carrot and a few days ago it was time to put the peas in.  Below you can find names of seeds we are using this year. Mostly we purchased them online or  from local stores. Too bad we couldn't locate  German Radish Seeds(we used those last year), instead we went with Champion this year. Also, we optioned for  pre-treated peas. Hoping to avoid dealing with pea blight. We'll see once we get deeper into the season how they do.
Garlic started to come up as well. 
Carrot - Nantes Champion, Bit Top, Tender Snack
Radish - Champion
Onion - Redwing, Copra
Pea - Avalanche, Maestro, Oregon Sugar, Miragreen
Scallion - Evergreen, Prade, Ramrod, Guardsman

  • Install trellis for peas
  • Turn the soil with Rotary Tiller
  • Prepare new garden stakes


  • New Garden Tool

  • Peppers, Morning Glory
  • Tomato, Broccoli, Cauliflower

  • Garlic is coming up. Carrots, Scallions

Getting Ready.

  • We are using pre-treated peas this year, hoping to avoid pea blight this year.

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