Haniela's: Time to Prepare for New Gardening Season

Time to Prepare for New Gardening Season

Sunday, March 24, 2013

If you follow me on Facebook you probably noticed my little mentions about getting our garden ready for the upcoming season. I just thought I'd show what we'd been up to these past weeks.
For last several weeks we have been remodeling our garden. Even though original design was fantastic, we ended up replacing the whole lenght of the frame with new 4x4s, much sturdier and definitely more durable material than what we had used when we first built the garden. We also expanded the garden, just a tiny bit and we needed more soil so we bought a mix of beautiful King Soil(leaf compost) and top soil.

By the end of February we had all the vegetable seeds we needed and marking beginning of March we started first vegetable seedlings : tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.  Always better to have more seedlings, in case some plants don't survive. As of now they are inside, mostly under artificial light in combination with natural light. Unfortunately we don't get too much natural light inside so we have to option for articial 5500K fluorescent bulbs to help us grow our veggies.

 I also planted some flower seeds - Morning Glory - picture on the right in the middle
On the left - tomato
As we removed old frame from the garden we decided to repurpose some of the wood planks to make wooden flower beds. These will go on the porch. All we have to do now is to make a trellis and attach it to the back of  each container. I'd like to have Morning Glory  climbing on it and hopefully cover trellis with beutitufl flowers in the Summer.

Yesterday I planted more flowers
  • a. Fill seedling containers with soil, I'm not using anything special, just basic garden soil.Water soil.
  • b. Make holes.
  • c. Write names of the plants on the plastic markers. You can buy these already pre-cut, they are usually white. I cut up some from a plastic divider.
  • d. Get the seeds.
  • e. Place one seed into the hole. Loosely cover with the soil. Water again. Watch them grow.
Keep in mind:
  • Keep soil moist at all times.
  • Once first leaves come out, move the seedlings to a sunny, moderately warm location, or use artificial lighting. Make sure plants have enought light.
  • Keep soil moist but not wet.


  1. Recently, I got a chance to travel with Mike Bacher, the best landscaper in Johannesburg, and we talked about simple ways of beautifying the garden area by installing decorative pots, pebbles, and paver stones.

    1. Thanks. Garden is doing well, but with all the rain and mud everywhere I have to admit our stones are dirtier than ever! Maybe over the weekend I'll clean them a bit. Thanks for stopping by.