Haniela's: Christmas Bells with a Pretty Snowy Scene

Christmas Bells with a Pretty Snowy Scene

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do you remember my Grandmother's Christmas Bells(picture below)from last year?  I used a cookie cutter that has been given to me by my parents last year. It belonged to my grandmother.

Having a cookie cutter that my grandmother used is a treasure and I enjoy using it, though  I still feel like I don't use it enough!
Today I'm going to show you how to make  Christmas Bell Cookie with a pretty snowy scene.

To make these cookie you need:
Gel Food Colorings
  • Using a food pen ,and a small round cookie cutter, or a template trace the circle onto the cookie.
  • Using a traced line pipe and flood the circle.
  • Following with flooding the whole cookie with a contrasting color icing.
  • Let icing dry.
  • Pipe details, and sprinkle lightly with sanding sugar.
  • Let dry and enjoy

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