Haniela's: Simple Fall Inspired Cookies

Simple Fall Inspired Cookies

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Saturday, 3am and I can't sleep. It's been  long 6 days of insomnia. I'm exhausted. I've tried so many things to put me back into bed(in a good way, sleepy way)
I've been drinking teas, few nights ago I did the laundry(2loads), then one night I ended up  cleaning the bathroom. I even made surprise mini apple pie tarts one night. Even my Foraging  Squirrel Cooke Centerpiece came to life at early morning hours this week. It is crazy! I'm about to jump right out of my own skin, that is how angry I'm that I can't sleep. And then when I'd love to sleep I can't because it's 6am,  and I should be be getting up. 
Oh well, so here I am. Sitting in the dark, starring into the bright screen, typing. Sleepless.

I didn't plan on this post, I had something else prepared but since I'm here.. These are some cookies I made few weeks back, they are simple but still I thought you might  like  to see them. My personal favorites are squirrel and hedgehog. 
Happy Fall baking everyone and a good night sleep.

Squirrel and Hedgehog cutters from Ikea.

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  1. Your cookies are always so pretty! I hope you get some much needed rest soon!