Haniela's: Artisan Breads from Tribeca Oven

Artisan Breads from Tribeca Oven

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recently I had an opportunity to work with Tribeca Oven, taking pictures of their new line of handcrafted artisan breads. 
Upon the arrival to the bakery I was given a tour of this commercial size baking facility in Carlstadt, NJ.  Bakery is huge, beyond my wildest  expectations.
Tour was captivating, mixers size of probably 30 times bigger than my little  kitchen aid mixer, oven that can be measured by feet and just sheer volume of it all  conquered my attention.It was amazing.
You see, growing up with an artisan bread on a table, I really appreciate quality bread. Delicious bread is one my biggest weaknesses, crisp on the outside moist and soft inside. These breads are just like that. I kept snacking on pieces while styling, cutting and taking pictures. I Loved the herbed and garlic bread sticks and sweet potato was simply divine. You can not pick a favorite.

Preparing breads for styling.

My set up, on the left, umbrella soft box, reflector on the right.

With only one day left before we officially enter Holiday Season, and we kick off the baking/cooking season,  I wanted to thank you.
Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks. And even though some of you don't celebrate this holiday, I'm thankful for having you, my loyal readers.You are the best.

PS. : It is going to be a crazy day tomorrow. I still haven't decided what I'll make for the dessert. Apple Pie or  Pumpkin Cream Cheese Caramel Pie???

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