Haniela's: Pretty Cherry Tree "B" Cookies

Pretty Cherry Tree "B" Cookies

Monday, August 27, 2012

Royal Blue Icing, once dried,  treated with Wilton Pearl Color Mist

No matter how hard you try you can not mess up a cherry tree cookie design.
All you need is  your imagination. Uniqueness is a good thing.  
I drew my color inspiration  from an image I found online. It is a painting. Something I'd love to hang on the wall. I love cherry trees. They seem to make everything prettier. They can be full of flowers or cherries, depends on the month of the year. Either way they are beautiful  and delicious.
I wasn't able to trace the artist  who made the painting but here is the link to the image.

I made these cookies as a part of the Birthday Cookie Club. Cookies were made for Brenda, from Brenda's Cakes. B is for Brenda. Happy Birthday Bren.

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