Haniela's: Hot Air Balloon aboveThe Pumpkin Field

Hot Air Balloon aboveThe Pumpkin Field

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I though it would be nice to share a picture today. No recipe or tutorial just a pretty picture.
 I think "flying" in the air balloon is not meant to be for me. I'm afraid of heights. This past week one flew just shy several yards of our house and was heading for the pumpkin field across street. What did I do? Ran for the camera and raced with time. These things can be pretty quick, one second on the ground, 2 seconds later high in the air. I was skipping along the road taking pictures. Few cars and motorcycles stopped by to snap a picture with their phones. Much didn't change since 1783 when the first air balloon flew in the sky, people are still fascinated by them as much as they were back then.

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