Haniela's: ~Sea Shell Cookies with Victorian Flare~

~Sea Shell Cookies with Victorian Flare~

Monday, March 5, 2012

My mom often tells me I should be designing jewelry, and even though I'm not I find most of my cookie inspiration from it. I have an obsession with small details, and believe me sometime it drives me mad. I hope you will enjoy viewing these, I had a great deal of fun designing and decorating these Victorian Sea Shells...never say never, everything is possible even Sea Shells with Victorian Flare.

Customer is giving these cookies to her sister for her birthday, same lady I made a cake for few years ago. She still collect shells, adores diamonds and apparently loves all things Victorian...really? Victorian you say, ehm...okay..my mind spinning...Victorian Dresses, China Patterns, Lace, Jewelry, Decor, Fabric.... few sketches later I have new cookie designs.
Colors : aqua blue, beige/ivory, coral(add some orange to pink icing), white-painted with gold luster dust. How to paint with luster dust.

  • For this particular shape below I decided to use brushed embroidery technique to achieve "wave like" effect.
This cookie was hand cut using a simple cookie cutter template I made. How to  make a cookie cutter template

    First stage of decorating, before details were added

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