Haniela's: ~Meet Georganne from LilaLoa~

~Meet Georganne from LilaLoa~

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm super excited as the  3rd time mommy to be  Georganne is visiting my blog today, all the way from South Korea. Funny how this blogging thing works, I'm from Slovakia living in the US interviewing an American living in the South Korea. World is literally too small now, don't you think?

Above is a picture of  a cookie that introduced me to Georganne earlier this year, she is  cookie and cake artist, editor of a LilaLoa. I just love her cookie style, clean crisp, full of creativity and bold colors.

Georganne from LilaLoa

Her witty writing has captivated many  and believe me when I say, while reading LilaLoa blog  posts you will find yourself giggling at one point or another. I wish I could write like that but I can't so I invited Georganne over to share with me and you little bit more about her passion and things in general, you know things like ...

How would you describe your cookie decorating style?
Impatient. Seriously. I've never been a perfectionist. I've always wanted to be, but I can never make myself slow down and take care of all the beautiful, tiny details. (And that is why I am INSANELY JEALOUS of all of Hani's delicate creations!!) And that whole outlining and THEN filling thing? Goodness, I gave that up after my second set of cookies.
Pysanky (and she says she has no patience)

Also, I would say that color is a big part of how I decorate. A lot of times I find myself creating designs to fit colors I've already chosen. Because I LOVE deep, dark, saturated colors. And bright colors. And contrasting colors. And sometimes, I really like soft, muted colors too.
Your favorite cookie design and why?
I really like long and thin rectangle cookies. Especially the cookies that have multiple frames or tiles. They are kind of more work to make, but I just LOVE the idea. Now I'm sad that I haven't made any in a while. That's it. I'm totally going to make more of them this winter. And hopefully have enough patience to make them all smooth and pretty this time.

What does LilaLoa mean?
I first chose LilaLoa for the name of my blog simply because I liked to say it. I know, I'm secretly 4 years old. I was just saying sounds, and it sounded nice, so I put it up there. And then a few months later, someone from Hawaii mentioned to me that it means "Long and Thin" in Hawaiian. I wish I could say that I did that on purpose. You know, because apparently I like my cookies long and thin.

How long did it take you to create your Chocolate Cookie Recipe? (For those that are not familiar, this is the best Chocolate Cookie Recipe I've tried )
About 3 months...and A LOT of cookies. (Some of which went straight to the trash bin.) I had made some very tasty chocolate cookies a couple of years ago, but they were so frustrating to roll out. I tried other recipes, but none of them tasted like I wished they would. So I researched the science of all the ingredients and what they do in a recipe and then just started experimenting. I made 3-4 different variations every week so that they could be taste-tested together. I have this very smudgey piece of paper with lots of numbers, measurements and ingredients all crossed out and written over, and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I still use that paper when I make my cookies!
Pumpkins in Costumes

What are your 3 Favorite Cookie Decorating Tools? 
Toothpicks, toothpicks, toothpicks! Ha ha ha, I'm only kind of kidding. I really do use toothpicks for EVERYTHING. I also just figured out this great thing a few months ago....its called a dish towel. WHY has everyone been keeping this secret from me? I get a dish towel just a little wet and leave it next to me while decorating cookies. That way I can wipe my tips off between cookies, or put toothpicks on it, or wipe up that big glob of icing that came out the top because I filled the piping bag too full. Ooh, and the other thing I love is a set of colored plastic cups that I purchased for my children. (And then I stole them back. And had to buy them another set.) They are the perfect size to set my piping bags in while decorating. And since they are all different colors, I don't get my icing bags mixed up.
Make Your Own Adorable Chickies

It is a movie night: Comedy, Drama or Romance?
Oh --comedy, hands down.  I love to laugh and I like to be happy. I can't watch dramas because they always make me so nervous. I mean, what if things DON'T turn out all right in the end? What then? I'll tell you what happens -- I have to watch a comedy after that. And I still hide my face when people kiss in a movie, so romantic movies are out.
Colors and Secrets

Coffee or Tea?
Neither one, actually. I like to drink ice water. And then I eat the ice. And someday it will ruin my teeth and I will regret it. But until that day comes....I refuse to change. :)
Friends oft the First Thanksgiving

What's your favorite color combination?
I like dark red mixed with just about any other color. I call it "crimson" because it makes me feel trendy to use color names like that. I especially like crimson and white and silver. Hmmm. But I also really like navy and white and light yellow. (Anyone know a trendy name for light yellow?)
Navy Daisy Cake

Did you pick a name for your new addition to the family?
 Yes. I think so. I'm pretty sure. Mostly. Maybe not. Okay, actually, we're still working on it. I was so certain with my first two children...but this little girl seems so elusive. What if I pick the wrong name and she grows up hating me because she SHOULD have been a Julia and I named her Lucy? You can't be too careful. This is her whole future we're talking about here.
Little Lady

What do you find to be the hardest thing when living in the foreign country ?
LEARNING THE LANGUAGE!!! I felt so foolish for the first few months that I lived in South Korea. I drove down a street that was clearly posted for buses only. And I went in the wrong gate at the toll booth.  Ooooh, and the best story ever--  On my way to Korea, I apparently promised a Korean woman that I would make sure her elderly mother made it on to the right flight when we changed planes. But I didn't realize it, so I couldn't figure out why she was following me and my children around the airport. To this day, I'm still just hoping that she really was supposed to be on the same flight as me.

I love living in this country though. I have gorgeous green rice paddies outside my window in the spring and summer seasons. Walking is a way of life here, not just something you do if you run out of gas. Every restaurant I go to is a culinary adventure. And I'm forced to try new things ALL THE TIME. Like....cookies. I used to make cakes almost exclusively. And then I moved to Korea and my oven is insanely tiny. So I started making cookies. Where would I be without Korea?
These United States

Did you know  that "Fancy Plaque Square", available to purchase  from Copper Gifts was originally Designed by Georganne from LilaLoa. Well, now you know and if you wish you can Thank her directly on her FaceBook Page LilaLoa.

Note : All the photographs   above are  the property of LilaLoa
Please Do not Reproduce in anyway without owner's permission.
Thank you.

Georganne, thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions and I wish you and your family wonderful Holiday Season.Hani.♥

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