Haniela's: ~ Stay Calm Kit~

~ Stay Calm Kit~

Friday, September 23, 2011

I've had a bad kitchen week,  and it still hurts. I nearly chopped of a chunk of  a flesh from my thumb, it was hanging on by a tiny little piece of a skin and I'm still not sure if it is going to make it or not. I know you don't want to hear about it but...It looks so so. I tried to patch it up and all but there is only so much a baker/home chef can do.Seriously, no worries I'm fine, as my other half said I survived a shark attack..haha very funny. I don't take a sight of blood easily, and so therefore I faint. Yes I know, I've heard that before. So you can as well keep it to yourself, don't take me wrong but at  5'9" I don't consider myself a baby anymore.Going down from that height is not a pretty sight either.
I learned to know when I need to lie down and put my feet up so that's what I do, one time I was on the tram in the city I had  that feeling so I walked out and lay down on the sidewalk and put my feet up on the wall of a building.  Self -preservation.
You know what? I'm secretly hoping I have a twin that is like me...clumsy, hitting corners, cutting fingers on regular basis,oh I forgot to tell you...perhaps 15 years back I  accidentally pushed the sharp portion of  nail scissors into my calf muscle, now it looks like a snake bite( I told you I'm one of a kind!) I bet you I could count at least 3 bruises on my body right now.

So as you see I have all the reasons to have a Kitchen Stay Calm Kit, and everyone who Bakes or Cooks or just happens to have these sort of accidents  should really have one on hand at all times or if you have small children. They fall and scrape their skin all the time. Today I'll show you some of my favorites to have around.

Betadine Solution - it stains but it works, I use it to disinfect the area, I just pour it on from the bottle. I prefer it over hydroxide peroxide as apparently that can damage healthy cells that are needed in the healing process, but I use plenty Hydroxide Peroxide for different things just not for cuts and wounds.

Neosporin- all time favorite, I like it in the gel form, cream doesn't work for me as well
Non Stick Pads...my favorites ( How Do I know? Try slicing off a  piece of flesh from your finger using a mandoline slicer and then wrapping it with a regular  Pad...it dries like glue making the removal, pretty much the teary mess). I usually cut it to the size I need it to be.
Tweezers- in case I get glass into the cut area, or to remove small object from the wound
Rubber Band-just in case
Vaseline -for minor burns and to protect wounds from getting infected
Different Sizes Band-Aid Bandages
Q-tips- for applying ointment
Eye Wash - my eyes get easily irritated by fumes in the kitchen, Eye wash help with that
Ibubrofen - to ease the pain,can be substituted by good red wine...for the lost blood.;-)

Be Safe and Cut Free.

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