Haniela's: ~Love Hands Cookie~

~Love Hands Cookie~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

 Finally I'm getting some of the cookie designs from last year done. I've always wanted to do Love Hands on the cookie. When deciding on how to make this design work on a cookie, initially I wanted to use Royal Icing Transfers  then stenciling and then I thought I'd try spray paint  a template, and it worked. It doesn't really matter though, you can easily use royal icing transfers, it will look awesome either way.

Make a template/stencil using stencil blanks or I used plastic sheet dividers and stencil cutter; you can learn more about stencil making here.
First I flooded the cookie, let the icing dry and then I used Duff Cake Graffiti Silver Spray and I sprayed over the cookie, placing the template on the cookie just like you can see in the picture below.

I let the spray finish to dry completely and then I snapped the picture.:-)


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