Haniela's: ~Meet Gina from Skinny Taste~

~Meet Gina from Skinny Taste~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I first stumbled upon Skinny Taste in 2010 when I started blogging and let me tell you it doesn't take much to get hooked on Gina's Skinny Recipes. As you all know by now I'm a very much a dessert person but in between I love to eat  balanced healthy meals. Gina has created hundreds of skinny recipes using fresh healthy ingredients and  best part is, she also includes Weight Watcher's points and calorie count  for each recipe.Now that is cool!
I thought it would be fun to  do a little interview with  Gina, and you know what, she is so awesome! In her super busy schedule having to take for a one year old baby she generously answered  my questions.

~Meet Gina from Skinny Taste~

Coffee or tea?  
Coffee, it's my favorite part of my day!!
Are you a morning person? 
Not really a morning person but with a one year old I am up early every day!

What is your favorite breakfast? 
I'm really not a breakfast person, I prefer to eat something small just to hold me over for lunch.


I really hope that one day I’ll be able to get   your cookbook  on the shelf of my local book store, is anything of this sort in works. I’m sure your readers as well as myself would love it. I’d love to have it in my cookbook collection.

Thank you, I have been discussing it with a few publishing companies but I don't want to jump at the first offer that comes my way. My main concern is that the book is beautiful with lots of beautiful photos, but this can be expensive and may not work within the budgets of all publishers so I am not rushing into it.

Name 3 favorite kitchen tools you just couldn’t do without

immersion blender
wooden spoon
measuring cups

Do you have a weakness for certain food?

Don't we all!! I love fried chicken although I don't eat it often!

Do you keep the count of how many recipes you've created?

I don't keep count but it's easy to see how many posts I have which equates to recipes and it's a whole lot!!

Have you visited foreign countries, what cuisine would you say  is the most appetizing for you?

I've only been several tropical islands in the Caribbean, Mexico and Colombia so far. I would love to travel the rest of the world when my little one is a little older. I love all cuisines, Indian, Italian, Asian, but my favorite would be Latin fusion! I love food from South America, Mexico and the Caribbean, they cook with so much flavor!

I love your photos, would you care to share few tips on how to achieve beautiful photos like yours?

I use a Canon Rebel with a 50 mm 1.4 lens. I only shoot in daylight, light is the most crucial part of the shot.
I don't consider myself a professional photographer, I think I still have a lot to learn but I take lots and lots of photos of my food from all different angles and just pick the ones I like best. I do a little post-processing in Photoshop to fix color, contrast, sharpening and cropping.
I buy lots of different plates, napkins, etc at Home Goods and Pier One and I always look at magazines for styling ideas.

Your healthy diet keeps you skinny but I was wondering do you also do any workouts during the week, if so what would you say is your favorite

Before I had the baby I spent a lot more time at the gym doing Zumba, kettlebells, cardio and weights but now my time is so limited so I don't go as often as I would like to. I go to yoga every week and try to do cardio at least 3 days a week. I love how I feel mentally when I go to the gym, I have more energy and I feel happier overall so I really try to make the time. But I am also running after my daughter all day so I am sure I burn lots of calories chasing her around!!
Have you taken any formal classes in cooking, where does your passion, knowledge come from, where you always involved in the kitchen when growing up?

I've taken a few cooking classes for fun but I grew up with two parents that loved cooking and made all their meals from scratch. My dad is Czech so European dishes were common in my house such as pork and dumplings, and my mom is Colombian so it was also common to have rice and beans! I always helped them in the kitchen and even cooked crepes and a few simple dishes when I was very young. When you like something and do it often, you get good at it. I had many failed moments in my kitchen and still do but that is how you learn, from your mistakes!!
Do you plan your weekly menus ahead of  time, is your family involved when deciding on what’s for dinner?

My family never knows what they will be having for dinner, they eat whatever I make, good and bad!! lol
They are very supportive and are always willing to let me know what they think of a dish, if it's blog worthy or not, and if it's something I should make again. Once in a while I'll get requests from my daughter, she goes through my blog and gives me a list of food she is craving.
I'm not a good planner, I may have a few recipes planned from requests that I get, but it's usually not until I am in the store that I decide what I'll be cooking that week, mostly inspired by the fresh produce in season.
Are you a dessert person and if so what would you say is your favorite dessert?

I like dessert but I only eat it once in a while, my favorite desserts are warm pies and cobblers with cold ice cream. I love the combination of hot and cold in a dessert.

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