Haniela's: ~Getting Cookie Inspired~

~Getting Cookie Inspired~

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today I though I'd share some images of inspiration that I turned into cookies.
My Inspiration comes in different forms, it can be a pattern on a fabric, wall paper, simple wall decor, or even a fine porcelain china.
There really is no end to what inspires me and when the moment of inspiration strikes is always a  big surprise.
I have hundreds of magazine cut outs in several boxes waiting to be discovered, even if it just one more time, but as we all know without doubt internet has become the strongest influence in finding the inspiration.
Today I'm going to show you some of the images that inspired me, and later I decided to transform them into a cookie. Enjoy.

I have yet to remake this cookie design as I'm not quite 100% happy how these turned out plus these photos make me go ugh. Well, until I make these again here is the picture that inspired me and a cookie that I made.
I made these for a friend who loves pigs.

I love Lily of the Valley  and my inspiration for this cookie was drawn from Fabrege Egg.

My Santa Cookie was a hit last year, I will make sure to make this cute little guy this year as well.
As you see my inspiration was drawn from this cute felt decoration


 Christening Cookie Design for a friend's son was drawn from a pendant


This next cookie is one of my favorite actually, I love his cute face. 
Inspiration came from this cute gif


Jewelry inspired me many times, it wasn't different with this Christmas LadyBug Cookie.
Original Image


 My collection Marie Antoinette Dresses  was inspired by real gowns of the era.
One dress in particular was a perfect match, others were drawn from variety of gowns from that time period

This another design I'm particularly  proud of . I think it is super clever, don't you?!
I remember when I thought of this one, I was grocery shopping, actually I was at the check out  looking at magazines,  waiting for my turn and I saw a photo similar to this one below and it struck me ..got home did a sketch and cookies were born.
Original Image

Inspiration for a Christmas Cat Cookie was drawn from a Card

Gingerbread Cupcake Centerpiece came to me after seeing  an image of Cupcake house like this one below

Original Image

I've always liked Poppy Flowers and this next set was inspired by a similar image to this.
Original Image



  1. Oh my gosh.....these are so wonderful...it would be impossible to ever choose a favorite..I love them all but I think the cosmos is right up there.I just adore cosmos......I too see inspiration everywhere! I embroider and design my own...my mind is going all the time with new designs.....now I want to eat a cookie!!! Or two !!!

  2. What a fantastic post! I love love this idea of showing inspiration and the finished cookie. Wow. And the finished cookies are a-maz-ing.

  3. Hi, I love them all! Thank you for sharing your work! I'm learning a lot from you because you're my inspiration ;-). By the way, I would be very grateful if you could tell me which kind of color is the one you have used for the pigs (maybe the electric pink from Americolor?) I've not been able to get that pink. Kind regards, Estibaliz

  4. WOW! YOU inspire ME! Great post.

  5. Oh my word, that gingerbread cupcake!

  6. What a fantastic idea.I will sure try to think of something simmilar.Great job:)

  7. the pig is my all time favorite....so cute!!

  8. Every single one is a little piece of art unto itself. I adore your dresses and your gingerbread house!

  9. Hani, you make my day happy! Love your work, congratulations it is fantastic!