Haniela's: ~Distressed Wood Plank Tutorial~

~Distressed Wood Plank Tutorial~

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ever since I have fallen in love with Food Photography I wanted to own one of those cool looking distressed wood backgrounds. I went to numerous yard sales, flea markets etc, with no luck.Daily I drive by  an old barn and I was thinking about it but I think I'd  be pushing my luck going over there asking for a piece of aged wood from an old barn.
It is hard to explain but I get excited over the smallest things, so if you stop by my house with a wood plank that has been aged by rain, frost, has peeling paint and all, I'll probably hug you and invite you for a tea. 
Finally, after a little push from Callye  I decided to try making it myself.
I have printed about 30 pages of tutoriald on how to distressed wood,how to use stains,what kind of tools to use to age...I know little obsessive!
2 tutorials in particular were  very helpful.
First I watched this video, so very neat to learn about different techniques of aging, but seriously they should prescribe this  at the doctor's office as  part of the stress/anger management therapy.
And secondly this  tutorial by Centsationalgirl really opened my eyes about glazing and dry brushing.

Finished  distressed wood plank

Tools I used to Age 
chain- this was fun :-)-see the video tutorial above how this is done
flat screwdriver
use an ice pick if you have one
wood carving tools-these  I found extremely helpful, I bought  a kit of 6 tools a while ago, for under 10 dollars
hammer,  I used both sides
nail to make worm holes

Paint,Stain,Primer,Sanding Paper
I used a dark walnut stain
shade of gray from Martha Stewart Collection( I bought a sample for$ 3)
Sanding paper, fine grain
white cotton rags

Age the wood using variety of tools, chain, hammer, nails etc.This is if you are using raw wood, for already finished furniture you need to sand it down to remove old paint/finish first.

1. Sand the surface a little, wipe clean and dry
2. Stain, let stand for about 10 minutes, wipe excess, let dry
3.Primer Glaze-Paint,let dry
4.Sand a little
5.Gray Paint Glaze-Paint,let dry
6.Sand a little
7.Primer Glaze-Dry Brush
8.Sand a little
9.Stain and wipe, I did this to make sure that all the holes and scratches would stand out. I use a rag to apply the stain, taking care medium got into the scratched areas and little holes, then I quickly wiped the stain in the direction of wood grain. Let dry

I'm pretty happy with the final result, and will be visiting local home depot again very soon.;-)

I also tried using green paint and this was the look I achieved, I love this green.

Here you see my new distressed wood plank in action


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  1. Oh, I love it!! I'm going to have to make one too!!

  2. I love it too! And it sounds like a good way to get out frustrations, lol!!! It's perfect Hani!!!!

  3. This is fantastic! I've been wanting to do exactly the same, so now I'll have to try. Thanks so much!!

  4. Love the tutorial, love the picture, love the blog,even love the apple! Heck! I love EVERYTHING about you & your work! :-)

  5. Great job! I'm just glad I hung onto my old beat up picnic table:)

  6. Hani, you can do anything! I love it, but i won't be making it..cos it is too much work..LOL! I don't know how you do it! Kudos to you!

  7. THank you so much.
    I think i like the green one better, but i can still utilize both for my photos. I'll be making more of these definitely, it was fun.

  8. You did a great job on these projects and who knew (from your earlier photographs) that it was just a plank of wood and not a full table! Not I :)